Wholesale Pricing is Available

Pacific Canvas & Leather is proud to sell at wholesale prices to retailers, gun stores, gun show dealers and more. Pacific Canvas & Leather currently supplies many retail dealers and would like to earn your business. We will negotiate reduced pricing based on your volume needs. Please send an email or call to learn more so that you can have our great products in your retail marketplace.

Less Than Perfect Parts

Pacific Canvas & Leather will only ship the finest products to its customers. Over the years, we have amassed a significant collection of holsters and cases which we would consider less than perfect. All parts are perfectly functioning but have a leather defect or blemish. These holsters sell well at gun shows, swap meets and shooting events. We will sell these items to you at up to 50% off the retail value when you buy 10 or more items. You can mix and match which items you want as long as you purchase 10 or more. Please email or call for more details.