The Company

Pacific Canvas & Leather is steadfast in its ideals to bringing the market the highest quality and properly functioning reproduction firearm holsters, cases and accessories. The company Is rooted in an unequivocal commitment to customer service and we firmly believe our greatest company asset is the loyal customer following who continue to buy our products year a~er year. We have delivered products to more than 25,000 customers and more than 10,000 have returned to us to add to their collections. We are proud to supply both the home enthusiast and wholesale distributers.

Pacific Canvas & Leather uses the best quality raw materials including only cow leather and natural cotton canvas for cases. Many products on the market unfortunately use other animal leathers or synthetic products. These products will not function, look, smell or resemble the original products manufactured and issued to military members years ago. Our reproduction products are built to the exact measurements and functionality of those built from the 1800's-1950 's.

Pacific Canvas & Leather recently opened a new warehouse in a suburb of Saint Paul, MN. The day-to-day operations are the responsibility of Rob and Tom Thomasser, the sons of Robert Thomasser, USMC retired, who remains a consultant, advisor and pretends to be retired. In addition to constantly refining the quality of our product line, we are responding to customer requests to expand available products and are working toward developing a contemporary sportsman line to accommodate the very popular M- 4 and AR-15 rifle, other tactical rifle lines and concealment holsters . We expect these products to come to the market in late 2015.

Our History

Pacific Canvas & Leather was established in 2002 by Robert (Bob) Thomasser and Linda Rodriguez. Bob, a proud Marine, was also a machinist by trade who worked for nearly twenty years for Federal Ordinance Company in Southern California . Bob was hired by Federal Ordinance President and CEO Robert Brenner to manage the machine shop and oversaw the refurbishing and production of countless original firearms. Eventually he was appointed as the Vice President of the entire technical department due to his extensive knowledge of period firearms and their accessories. Bob specialized in many period firearms including the M-1 Garand, M-14, M-1 Carbine, 1903 Springfield, the German Luger and Mauser and the model 1911 pistol.

Market competition and US policies related to firearms required the company to re-invent itself and Pacific Ordinance was born. The company changed its focus toward producing and distributing civil war, world war one and World War II holsters and accessories.

Bob and Linda stayed on to manage this new company. The untimely stroke for Mr. Robert Brenner eventually forced the company to close. Bob and Linda continued with their passion to distribute only the highest quality reproduction holsters and accessories and started Pacific Canvas & Leather. For more than 13 years, Pacific Canvas & Leather has done exactly that. We are proud to have served more than 25,000 customers and to have a significant repeat customer following. Pacific Canvas and Leather is also proud to have sold product to many active military members defending our great country in several theaters around the globe including Iraq and Afghanistan. We proudly hang pictures shared with us by those active military soldiers, marines, seaman and airman throughout our company halls.

Pacific Canvas & Leather is also proud to supply reenactors, hunters, sportsman and anyone looking for a good home for their firearm.

Today Pacific Canvas & Leather is operated by Bob, and his two sons Rob and Tom, and we continue to distribute only the highest quality products while maintaining a regimented commitment to customer satisfaction. Linda unfortunately passed away in March of 2014, but the legacy to bring the marketplace the highest quality reproduction holsters lives on.

We look forward to serving your needs in the future and hope we can someday also hang your photo of our products in our halls.